Personal Information

Prof. Mu Wang

Professor of Physics

National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures (Cyrus Tang Building Room A510) and Department of Physics

Phone: 86 25 83594496

Fax: 86 25 83595535

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Research Interest:
Thermodynamics of CrystallizationExperimental studies on the microscopic interfacial growth mechanisms in crystallization from aqueous solution and vapor growth systems;
Plasmonics and MetamaterialsInteraction of electromagnetic waves with the sub-wavelength metallic microstructures, especially on the excitation and transportation of surface plasmon polaritons on the artificially designed metallic micro-structures and the related novel opto-electric properties; design and formation of microstructures for opto-electric applications with foucs ion beam lithography; electron beam lithography; two-photon polymerization, etc..
Pattern Formations:Self-organized growth mechanism and diffusion-limited growth; Spatio-temporal oscillations and their applications in the formation of metallic/oxide microstructures with tunable periodicity. Nonlinear growth phenomena in electrochemical growth.

Key Publications:

R. H. Fan, Y. Zhou, X. P. Ren, R. W. Peng*, S. C. Jiang, D. H. Xu, X. Xiong, X. R. Huang*,and Mu Wang*,
Freely Tunable Broadband Polarization Rotator for Terahertz Waves

Advanced Materials 27, 1201 (2015)
Xiang Xiong, Shang-Chi Jiang, Yu-Hui Hu, Ru-Wen Peng, and Mu Wang*
Structured Metal Film as a Perfect Absorber

Advanced Materials 25, 3994 (2013)
S.C. Jiang, X. Xiong, Y.S. Hu, S.W. Jiang, Y.H. Hu, D.H. Xu, R.W. Peng*, Mu Wang*
High-efficiency generation of circularly polarized light via symmetry-induced anomalous reflection

Physical Review B 91, 125421(2015)
L. S. Cao, D. X. Qi, R. W. Peng, Mu Wang, and P. Schmelcher
Phononic Frequency Combs through Nonlinear Resonances

Physical Review Letters 112, 075505 (2014).
S.-C. Jiang, X. Xiong, Y.-S. Hu, Y.-H. Hu, G.-B. Ma, R.-W. Peng, C. Sun, and M. Wang*
Controlling the Polarization State of Light with a Dispersion-Free Metastructure

Physical Review X 4, 021026 (2014)