The National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures (NLSSM) was founded in 1984, among the first batch of state key laboratories founded in China. The laboratory is operated by Nanjing University. As a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, the goals of NLSSM are to design and fabricate new artificial microstructured materials via designing and tailoring the energy band structures in reciprocal space, find out new macroscopic and microscopic quantum effects and principles, develop new theories and methodology based on quantum physics, and endeavor to meet the scientific challenges and technological requirements encountered in the post-Moore era and the post-petroleum era. NLSSM is a public platform for international exchanges and cooperation. The Laboratory has accommodated many internship students, postdoctoral research associates and visitors, from domestic and abroad. The Laboratory has collaboration agreements with research institutes and universities in US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, etc. Many joint research papers have been published in Science, Nature Photonics, Advanced Materials, and Physical Review Letters. The Laboratory sincerely welcomes international cooperation in areas of material design, quantum physics, nanooptics and plasmonics, clean energy and environment-related studies.